Monday, November 23, 2009

i'm the man is hard to move on

hey listen !
she's just want to make a good relation with me ! a friendship relation !no moree :)
and now i must understand how about my feel to her ? i dont want to think she will be mine or not. cause its can be hurts me too much , but now i just have two options "stay in here and wait her " or " leave her and let she go with another " haha really i cant choose anymore cause i'm not ready to fight with alone ! loneliness ! i feel confuse with this situation . sometimes in my deepest heart i think "how can i move ?" how can i find a girl like her ?" she's special girl, its hard to find someone new like her and maybe its impossible to me ! i already stopped all of my bad act and try to change my whole life just get her ! but now I got a ZERO ! BIG ZERO ! and when i feel down nobody want to help me nobody want to know what a problem i have ! cause i dont have a real friend a true friend !

get himself to the loneliness ways . choose the best option to get a success ! i will try it !

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